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Days of Decision I
published by Australian Design Group
Sun May 20 03:27:07 UTC 2007

During the summer of 1990 a small group of us set out to play an alternate history version of the World War II game World in Flames. We were going to alter the usual starting setup by playing the companion pre-game Days of Decision, It proved to be not so easy. We often found that the pre-game altered matters so much that the resulting main contest was a foregone conclusion.

Thus we set out to play a series of pre-games, which after all was pretty fun to do, and then after we had recorded several of them, see which was the most balanced, and perhaps also, because of some weird feature or another, the most intriguing to try. This continued through the end of 1991.

The below are the reports from those various playings.

  1. Allies Win By 112 Points Amid Some Mistakes (8/10)
  2. Allies Troubles Amid German Anti-Russian Plan (12/6)
  3. Most Balanced So Far, Aborted in 1938 (12/17)
  4. Allied Aggression, Aborted 1936 (12/26)
  5. Slightly Tipped in Axis Favor (date unknown)
  6. Results Only; US Very Close; Minors Lost (3/7)
  7. Results Only; China and Russia Mobilized (3/13)
  8. Attempt to Duplicate Actual History (date unknown)
  9. Longer Attempt to Duplicate Actual History (12/13)

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